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Impact on the Company



• Change your image and brand without spending a fortune.

• Cut the cost of manufacturing advertising devices and logistics.

• Complement or economical substitute for TV advertising

• Make your investment profitable – income from advertising and sponsorship of sections or programmes being broadcast.

• A fast return on your investment.

• Use spaces where there are lots of people to the best advantage.


• Broadcast with high levels of loyalty and influence.

• Standardise the company's communications across different locations.

• Update messages in almost instantaneous fashion with special promotions or specific information.

• Show customers your events or new product launches in real time.

• Have information and product presentations available round-the-clock.

• Attract, boost and inform in a matter of seconds! Use a touch screen and make your display interactive.

• Complementarity of means.

• Make locations more dynamic with management of specific content.

• Boost customer satisfaction and reduce perceived waiting time.


• Project a modern and dynamic image.

• Portray an innovative image that focuses on quality and differentiation.

• Reinforce group identity, an image of modernity and professionalism and consequent increase in user loyalty.

• Boost brand visibility consistently and in integrated fashion.

Impact on Customers



• Captivate consumers at the most unexpected moments.

• Attract your consumers' attention.

• Influence decision-makers on decision points.

• Attract more people into your spaces.

• Provide your customers with a pleasant experience by providing a differentiated communication channel.

• Cut perceived waiting time or encourage impulse buying!

• Increase the impact in the receptiveness of your promotions and advertising campaigns, in the sending of SMSs, through mobile marketing between the company and the public.

• Boost general customer satisfaction – by putting waiting time to good use and by providing better information about the group's services (more information = more trust).

• Less tangible benefits include: boosting customer loyalty and brand recognition; the perception of a more modern image of the company; a reduction in perceived waiting time in queues; and impulse buying.

Studies and Effectiveness

There are certain key factors for success to ensure your company becomes more profitable and effective.

One of those factors is the digital signage developed by W4msolutions, which creates a new way of interacting with your customers.
The solution will not be "more marketing" but, rather, "better marketing", through the use of new loyalty and communication strategies.
Don't just buy a Product; buy an Experience!
Consumers pay more attention to a dynamic means of communication than to a static one.
Countless studies have proven the effectiveness of using digital communication.

Digital communication holds people's attention for 60% longer than traditional methods!

You can increase your sales by up to 15% at the point of sale, considering that at least 80% of decisions to buy are made in the shop!

36% of adult consumers admit to having made a decision to buy on the basis of digital signage, and 44% say they pay some or a lot of attention to this means of communication!

Consumers are five to ten times more receptive to dynamic means of communication than to static ones!

Product awareness and perception of service quality increase by between 15% and 25% when corporate TV systems are used!

Customers feel more comfortable while waiting if they are in the presence of one of these screens!

90% of people notice the displays and 70% remember the product names!



  • Low Cost
    No expensive terminals/servers


  • Simple and easy to use
    Channel is created in four steps.


  • Remote and without internet Broadcasting is done offline.


  • Linux System
    No licensing required


  • Works on any screen
    PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.