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Fast and Easy Optimisation

Digital Signage is the best way to promote your communication at a low cost.

And if you have a TV that you don't use...

1. Add a Broadcast

Define the resolution, rotation or use a template as the basis for your broadcast.

2. Choose the Widgets/media

Choose and organise your content, from slide shows, videos and YouTube to weather widgets, news and more.

3. Programme your Schedule

Define when and where your content will appear.

4. ... And publish it!

Synchronise your content with your screen on-site.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is an innovative system for broadcasting multimedia content that lets users use their Internet browsers to create and manage the information broadcast by their display networks.


Urban Screen is a new concept in online interactive urban communication; it allows full editing from anywhere and offers users access to all sorts of information.


A cutting-edge digital showcase system that combines Wifi4Media and Digital Signage technologies in a single system. ShowCase offers a unique interaction experience between your smartphone/tablet and the TV.



Improve your school or campus's internal communications with an advanced and innovative image.


Implement a corporate television system in your establishment (shop, supermarket, restaurant, café) modernising your image and bringing added value to your company.


Communicate more efficiently with your customers, boosting brand recognition, and promoting your services, events or products.


The most effective way of keeping your staff, stakeholders and the general public up-to-date with any information about your company.


Ideal for use in doctors' surgeries, hospitals, government offices, airports, banks, theme parks and anywhere else where waiting time is unavoidable.


Boost the visibility and dissemination of information (promotions, services and the characteristics of your products).